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Here at Taylored Beauty it is our priority that we keep any personal Information that you give us safe and secure.
We are contacting every client to let you know of the changes in the law that governs what we do with the information that you give us.

We, Taylored Beauty, ask for contact information when booking an appointment by way of contact telephone number and or email. That is added to our Ovatu booking system to allow us to remind you of the appointment that you have booked, confirm the appointment, any amendments you may make and contact you legitimately for your appointment needs. Ovatu is a secure booking system which only Taylored Beauty Staff have access to. Ovatu data is stored in the US in Amazon Web Services Data centres covered and protected by the EU-US privacy shield framework.

Upon attending an appointment we will ask you to complete a disclaimer including consent to have the treatment you have booked, relevant for the specific appointment you are attending and documenting health information, allergies and contact details for insurance purposes so that we can offer safe treatments. As well as documenting exactly what treatment you have had for our public and product liabilities insurance. This is for our clients safety should a problem arise. We will also ask you to consent to opt into receiving information from us for marketing purposes, which you can alter at anytime and withdraw.

Information is filed alphabetically in a locked cabinet and only accessed by the Taylored Beauty staff, all of whom have signed a confidentiality agreement. We never share your information with third parties.
If you wish to receive copies of any of the personal information we hold about you contact us on at anytime.

We will be contacting all customers individually to know if you are happy to receive information from us regarding new Treatments and offers. If you choose to opt in we will retain your contact information however if we do not hear from you we will remove your contact details from our online systems and purely keep a contact number for legitimate contact such as confirming an appointment or contacting you if you are late for your appointment.

When taking card payments our receipts are kept securely until the funds have hit our bank account and then only a daily summary sheet is retained for our accountants and the individual receipts are incinerated.

We will hold your data for a minimum of 7 years and then it will be destroyed however if you are still receiving treatments 7 years on we will continue to update your personal record cards accordingly. Ovatu has a full customer deletion function which allows us to delete all online information, our record cards however will continue to be retained for the 7 years due to record keeping laws.

If at any point you would like to contact us for more information please do not hesitate to put your request in at