Semi Permanent Makeup

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We at Taylored Beauty are proud to have trained with Nouveau Contour, the leading company for permanent make up, owned by Karen Betts. Using a micropigmentation machine we can perform some of the most intricate and up to date techniques which create amazing eyebrow enhancements, baby eyeliner, eyelash enhancements and lip blush.

The procedure

We offer a free no obligation consultation which usually takes no longer than 20 minutes. We will discuss all aspects of the treatment you require and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you decide to proceed we will do patch test and book the relevant treatment taking a £50 deposit.

For the consultation we advise that you come wearing your usual daytime make up so that we can see how you like to normally look. We will discuss the different options available to you and what we would advise to enhance your features.
On the day of the appointment we will apply some local anaesthetic and ask you to start filling out the necessary forms (so please bring glasses if needed). Once all the forms are correctly filled in, checked and signed by both parties we will then draw an accurate template for your brows / eyes/lips. This includes measuring your face and taking into consideration many factors such as your face shape and age.

When we are both happy with the templates we will start the procedure, topping you up with local anaesthetic throughout to ensure you are comfortable.
The initial appointment is likely to take approx 2 hours start to finish.
When you leave we will run through with you all the relevant aftercare and what you can expect during the four week healing period.
Another appointment will be made for you in 4-6 weeks this is when you are fully healed and at that appointment we will review the result and re do the procedure in full or part depending on how you have healed. This appointment is included in the price.
Then you can expect your semi permanent make up to last 12 months to 2 years before requiring a colour boost/top up. This can vary so much from person to person as to when a top up is required. Medication, skin type, aftercare, age and sunshine can all impact how long your semi permanent make up will last. Over time the pigment that is implanted into the skin will slowly fade and fade.


We will give you an aftercare fact sheet and we ask you to follow this religiously as if not this can affect the healed result and also the longevity of the make up.

Top up appointments

The first top up appointment is part of the original price. In the rare occasion that we require a second top up is required there will be a £50 surcharge will apply. If you do not attend your first top up within 12 weeks of the original appointment a surcharge will also apply as potentially more work will be required than if taken within he first 4-8 weeks and also more time will need to be booked out to re-draw and measure.

Eyebrows With Laura Taylor With Katie Taylor
Hairstroke Brows – This is a natural Hairstroke technique. £300 £250
Nano Hairstroke – This is a very very natural hairstroke technique using one needle for a very fine natural look £300 £250
Combination Brows – This is a mixture of both hairstroke and shading to give a fuller looking brow £300 £250
Ombré Brow – This is a powdered brow which gives a slightly more made up look £350 £300
  • Brow top up appointment 9 to 18 months after initial treatment £200 (1 appt)
  • Brow top up appointment exceeding 18 months after initial treatment £250 (1 appt)
Other treatments With Laura Taylor With Katie Taylor
Eyelash enhancement – This is a natural eyelash enhancement, applying pigment between the eyelashes £225 £200
Baby Eyeliner – This is a small winged eyeliner as well as giving depth to the eyes as per a lash enhancement £300 £250
Lip Blush – This gives the lips definition and a natural colour allowing the lips to look fuller. £350 £300

The difference between micropigmentation and microblading

We use a micropigmentation machine to implant the pigment into the skin. With microblading a scalpel is used to slice the skin and then pigment placed over the area. We chose to offer the machine method as it is a huge investment and reassures our clients that we want to offer you the best. We have trained extensively through a reputable company that offer ongoing support. Micropigmentation using a machine can offer as natural effect as microblading to give the effect of natural hairstroke brows. We are happy that using a machine also gives great longevity and from experience our clients are happy with how long their semi permanent make up lasts.

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